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Weekly links to help you become a better developer. The topics aren't tied to any specific technologies but attempt to include resources that might help you learn a thing or two from them.

React Status

A weekly roundup of the latest React and React Native links and tutorials.

bite-sized crypto news and tips for newbie investors


In-depth discussions of tech from Andreessen Horowitz


Learn about new Funko products, exclusive contests, and more!

Breadth First Growth

Breadth First Growth is a newsletter for learning and growing as a T-shaped developer. Each weekend, we send out two different tasks from two different areas across computer science and tech to introduce you to something you probably wouldn't normally see in your day job. Each task is designed to take less than two or three hours with plenty of time coffee breaks.

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C# Digest

Get 5 top stories hand picked into your inbox every Monday with topic ranging from C#, .NET, CLR and WPF and the world of web and cloud with Azure and ASP.NET.

The Algorithm

News and views on the latest in artificial intelligence. By MIT Technology Review.

Video Game Deep Cuts

The best longread & standout articles about video games, every weekend.

Solution Set

A new weekly report sharing innovative ideas and practical lessons. Every Thursday, Joseph Lichterman will dig deep into a case study highlighting one innovative idea that a news organization is undertaking.

Nugget Weekly

For hackers who want to learn new tricks and concepts from real code. So far, 3,200+ people read it, including hackers from Apple, Google, Spotify, and Amazon.