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I’m obsessed with consuming content and constantly learning. To be exact, on a weekly basis, I go through: 26 newsletters 10 articles/essays 4 podcasts 1 book Plus a couple of hundreds of tweets (although not as mindfully as the rest) I tend to write and reflect on what I learn from these resources to help structure my thoughts and connect the dots. But I also sometimes share them on my blog. I also find myself regularly sharing book highlights, article snippets, or podcast episodes with my network of curious friends. I do that to initiate a discussion, or refer to a previous conversation I’ve had with them. This newsletter is intended to serve such friends (and any future ones) seeking to feed their curiosity and better themselves in different life areas. Once you subscribe, you’ll receive 5 handpicked ideas in your inbox every week. They’re guaranteed to inspire you to grow and get (at least) 1% better every day in your work and life, should you put them in action.


This is by far one of the most useful (yet concise) newsletters I receive every week. The content is so well curated that I actually look forward to receiving it on Thursdays. If you're into personal growth, this is one of the best digests out there. Thought provoking!

Felicia Redondo