Semicolon&Sons Indie Hacker Screencasts

Screencasts showing programmer/entrepreneurs how to build and grow a software business

πŸ’‘ Semicolon&Sons produces screencasts for indie hackers, showing them how to get to financial independence (and beyond) faster. You see, when you run your own software business, there are things you gotta know that regular programmers don't: - how to get people to your website en-masse with SEO, paid-ads, etc. -- ideally in a way that leverages your edge in automation. - choosing technologies that'll provide stability and a long shelf-life over fad frameworks that'll just create busy work (e.g. use SQL unless you have a damn good reason not to; you might not need a JS framework at all) - how to reliably program analytics, remarketing, conversion tracking features in order to figure out what's working from a business perspective - technical systems to improve the stability of your code at minimal cost in time -- knowing what to integration test, exception notification systems, downtime monitors that text you.

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