The Wisdom Project

Human Curated Wisdom in a world full of Algorithmic Noise.

You are the average of the 5 types of content you consume most online. What our mind consumes is as important for our mental growth and well being as what our body consumes is for our physical growth and well being. Needless to say, if we consume junk, we will become junk, both mentally as well as physically. With this newsletter we are attempting to serve the best content we find on the internet. Stuff that is timeless and interesting. Content that teaches you something as well as forces you to think without putting you to sleep in the process. This is an honest attempt to build a home for timeless ideas that help you become healthy, wealthy and most of all, WISE. We dive into the deep sea of the internet and come out with pearls of wisdom. Pearls that help us all grow into better human beings. We know they are out there, but sometimes it becomes hard to find them amidst the deafening noise that the world spews online. In a world of AI driven recommendation engines this is just a set of links curated for humans, by humans. For friends by friends. Links that have helped us and we hope will help you too :).

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