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The latest Sketch news, articles, and resources

Helen: A Handbasket

Ostensibly not about food. Irregularly dispatched. Dick jokes as far as the eye can see. By food writer Helen Rosner.

...the fuck is this?

things that have no real meaning, sent out sporadically.

National Video Game Museum

Get updates from the only museum in the U.S. dedicated to the history of videogames.

The Art of Data Science

This is a newsletter about data and related stuff. I talk about data science and analytics and quant and business intelligence and everything related to that! It's mostly going to be unadulterated opinion, with some facts here and there!

Google Play Developer Newsletter

The latest developer news and tips that will help you succeed on Google Play.

AstroChemical Newsletter

The AstroChemical Newsletter is a monthly compilation of recently accepted publications in the field of astrochemistry (astrophysical observations and modeling as well as theoretical and experimental chemical-physics related to astronomical environments).


FRANK is a monthly newsletter about career & life. Get hand-picked content plus candid interviews with real women redefining success in their own terms. Why the name FRANK? Because it describes the newsletter's point of view: direct and honest.


A monthly newsletter of frontend Javascript libraries.

Code My UI

Web design inspiration with code samples.

Gin & Tronic

Once a month I tackle an important topic (coffee, Justin Timberlake) in a long-form comic. If you sign up, it gets emailed to you on the 2nd-ish Wednesday of the month.

The Journal

A monthly newsletter for the curious, by Kevin Rose.