Interior Design Substack is Booming

By Keenen CharlesJun 5, 2024

This week there's a great look at how writers in the interior design space are turning to newsletters. Another sign that email newsletters as a medium is here to stay. Plus an in-depth guide to 4 growth strategies that have generated millions of subscribers for other newsletters.

News & Articles

Is design Substack having a moment?

The world of interior design is having its Substack moment as lots of design writers start exploring newsletters.

Substack: the $19M/year content LVMH

An in-depth report looking at the growing tensions Substack has between building for the mass market and building for its roots as a luxury, niche brand.

4 Growth Strategies That Generated 5M+ Subscribers

Simple, scalable, and automated tactics drove 5,000,000+ engaged newsletter subscribers.

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