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šŸ†• The ultimate social media newsletter for geeks is here...! šŸ˜© Keeping up with all the latest social media news, trends, tricks, tips, tools, and industry updates every week is difficult and time consuming. It's almost a part-time job just jumping around the web, your social feeds and other sources to try and stay on top of all the latest social media industry news.... ā¤ļø Relax... I got you. šŸ‘‹ Hi, I'm Matt. In my decade-long career in social media, I've worked with names like the United Nations, BBC News, Pinterest, ITN, 10 Downing Street, The Next Web, Chartbeat, Socialbakers, Buffer, the NHS, and the International Red Cross. I regularly share my experience and insights on TV and radio, and now I'll be in your inbox, too. šŸ‘Š Subscribe to my Geekout newsletter and I will do all the heavy lifting each week, leaving you fully briefed and free to do less geeky things. šŸ“„ Every Friday, I'll collate all the social media industry news, new product features, tools, changes to platforms, and everything else you need to know, and then I'll deliver it straight to your inbox. šŸ’¬ Geekout Newsletter will also include my thoughts, opinion, and analysis on the biggest social media news each week.

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