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Getting traffic is simple in theory but hard in practice. The law of shitty click-throughs states that Marketing tactics lose efficiency faster than a fart disappears in the wind. Marketers are too focused on tactics, anyway. We don’t put enough time into developing good strategies. And who can really keep up with all the cutting-edge stuff these days? Tech Bound is your prime source of customer acquisition content – from “what” to “how”. A 3 Michelin star 8-course menu of essays, how-to’s, interviews, and tools. A commentary on modern traffic-generation tactics and strategies. Tech Bound connects the dots between SEO, email marketing, social media, content marketing, and product-led growth. It covers the evolution of big platforms like Google, Facebook, Youtube, and Co. It puts Marketing news into context so we can understand the bigger picture. It’s a platform for interviews with some of the best marketers so we can learn from them.