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Thank God It's Computational

A hand-picked round up of the best content at the intersection of Architecture, Design and Technology. Delivered straight to your inbox. Every Friday. Free.

Web Tools Weekly

Web Tools Weekly is a front-end development and web design newsletter with a focus on tools. Each issue features a brief tip or tutorial, followed by a weekly round-up of various apps, scripts, plugins, and other resources to help front-end developers solve problems and be more productive.

UI Movement

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Hey Designer

Curated articles for product people.

Mighty Deals

Deals for designers and developers.

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The best web animation & UX resources!

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Web Design Depot

Our WDD newsletter currently reaches 1,067,540 subscribers every week. It's packed with quick bits of news, inspirational resources as well as cool new products and services for designers.

Weekly Product Design Exercise

Get weekly exercises inspired and used to interview UX design candidates.

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