Improving Your Newsletter & Ad Formats

By Keenen CharlesMay 29, 2024

This week the newsletter has a bit of a facelift as I've switched platforms. Let me know if you find any issues. And there are guides this week on effective ad formats, improving your newsletter, and a look at all the new features added to InboxReads in the past month.

News & Articles

10 Questions to Help You Build a Better Newsletter

Dan Oshinsky shares questions you’ll want to ask — and answers you’ll need — to improve your newsletter strategy.

Close More Sponsorship Deals

Learn how you can pitch your newsletter sponsorships remotely.

5 native ad formats that crush

Check out examples of effective native ads with insights from Ryan Sager of Who Sponsors Stuff and Katy Huff of MadRev.

What's New in InboxReads - May 2024

Here's a look at all the new features added to InboxReads in the past month.

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