InboxReads Pro

By Keenen CharlesOct 10, 2022

InboxReads Pro is a new service designed for newsletter creators and businesses interested in newsletters. It provides advanced features for newsletter discovery and statistics on newsletters that can help you find great growth and business opportunities.


Newsletter Alerts

enter image description here You can create email alerts with any combination of search criteria and receive daily updates of new newsletters that fit those criteria. These are great for finding cross-promotion opportunities in your newsletter's niche. Finding newsletters with high subscriber counts to advertise in or even acquire.

Advanced Search

enter image description here You'll unlock advanced filters to search our newsletter database like subscriber count, email service provider, topics, and more.


Stats give you access to a bunch of info on all of our newsletters to help your research. Whether you're looking to launch a newsletter, acquire one, or learn about your competitors there's a ton of insights you can glean from this data.

Newsletter Stats


You can now view newsletters' subscriber count and their popularity in each of their topics. This helps with judging newsletters you might be interested in advertising in or acquiring and for competitor research.

And you can view your own newsletter's pageviews and clicks to determine how well it's been performing on InboxReads and update your submission if necessary.

Topic Stats


And view the rank of each newsletter topic based on the traffic InboxReads receives and the number of newsletters in each category. This is great for deciding which topics do or don't have enough newsletters when you're thinking about launching one.

No Ads

InboxReads Pro also lets you browse the website with zero ads.

Support InboxReads

The development and operation of InboxReads is done by one person and your support goes a long way to keeping the site running and growing in the future.

Join InboxReads Pro here and if you have any questions or feedback please let me know.