Review Newsletters & Tools

By Keenen CharlesJan 31, 2024

Today I'm launching reviews across the InboxReads website to let you share your thoughts on newsletters and tools and learn what others think.

Newsletter Reviews

Screenshot of a review of the Android Weekly newsletter One of the best ways to convince potential readers to subscribe to your newsletter is through sharing reviews from your existing audience. To help with this InboxReads now supports user reviews!

Now you can get your readers to share reviews of your newsletter and review your favourite newsletters directly on InboxReads. These reviews are then available to potential subscribers to boost traffic to your newsletter sign up page.

Tool Reviews

Screenshot of a review of MailerLite There are tons of newsletter tools out there for every step of the newsletter process. Typically creators seek out reviews and recommendations of email service providers and other tools before deciding which to use.

Now you can directly review the tools you use and check out what others think of them directly from each tool's page on InboxReads. Whether you're thinking of switching to Ghost or growing your subscription with Sparkloop it's a great way to help you decide.

Share Your Thoughts

For the newsletters you love and the tools that make your life easier you can get started today sharing your thoughts to help others decide what's right for them.