New Features October 2023

By Keenen CharlesOct 9, 2023

In the past few months there have been a much of new features added to InboxReads (including an updated design). You may not have noticed though so here's a quick recap of all the new ways you can use InboxReads to boost your newsletter and work with others.

Manage Your Conversations

the new inbox feature You can use InboxReads to contact newsletter creators for business partnerships and now you can easily manage those conversations within a new inbox feature. All your conversations are listed and you'll receive notifications whenever someone contacts you.

Compact List View

the new compact newsletter view Scrolling through newsletters can take a long time and for more details you need to click into each newsletter's details page. Now there's a compact list view that makes it easy to quickly see a newsletter's basic info and contact the creator.

More Newsletter Data

With a Pro subscription you get access to more data on the newsletters listed on InboxReads. That's expanded now to include:

  • Topic Ranks
    • See where a newsletter ranks for every topic it's listed under. It could be #10 in tech newsletters but #1 in AI newsletters.
  • Issue Count
    • Get an estimate of how many issues a newsletter has published since it's been launched.
  • Newsletter Launch Date
    • See when a newsletter was first launched.

More Topic Stats

Also with InboxReads Pro you can find aggregated stats for newsletter topics like traffic and newsletter count. This now includes the average subscriber count for each topic.

That's All For Now

New features are constantly added to InboxReads, if there's anything you'd like to see let me know.