How to Increase Your Ranking on InboxReads

By Keenen CharlesFeb 16, 2024

When you submit your newsletter to InboxReads it is included in the lists of newsletters for the topics you chose. Whether it be tech, self improvement, or gaming. To maximize the results you get from being included in these pages you should be aiming to rank near the top of the best newsletters.

To get to the top though requires genuine positive engagement from readers. The algorithm takes several factors into account. The biggest factor is the InboxReads' audience response and interactions with your submission. But there are actions you can take to influence this.

Sharing Your Submission

Once your submission has been approved you should share it's dedicated page with your audience so they can interact with it. These interactions help increase your newsletter's ranking.

Reviews & Favorites

enter image description here Getting your dedicated readers to share their thoughts about your newsletter on InboxReads is a great signal to others that it's worth reading. And this directly impacts your ranking as well. The more people including your newsletter as a favourite the higher it will rank.

Regular Updates

Regularly updating your newsletter is also an important signal that affects it's ranking. And it's a great way to promote your newsletter by showcasing your latest stats and marketing copy.

Improving Your Submission

The better your submission the more engagement it will receive. Using custom images, catchy but descriptive taglines, and choosing the right topics can make a huge difference. Check out this in depth guide at how to improve your submission.

Track Your Performance

enter image description here From your dashboard you can track the current performance of your newsletter. You'll be able to see how many views and clicks it's received and how it ranks in each of the topics you've chosen.

Submitting your newsletter is easy but to get the most out of being included in InboxReads it takes some regular maintenance but the increased traffic will be worth it.