5 Tools For Finding Newsletter Sponsors

By Keenen CharlesApr 26, 2021

The most common monetization model for newsletters has been advertising. Newsletters make great options for advertisers since they're usually laser focussed on a specific niche. But unless you have experience in finding advertisers it can be a challenge. Luckily there are a few platforms that can help.


enter image description here Paved is a complete platform for email advertising and sponsored content. Rather than finding advertisers yourself, Paved will bring them to you. You just need to create a listing for your newsletter with your metrics and you can be listed on the marketplace. There is a high barrier to entry though. Typically they only accept newsletters with larger subscriber bases so it might not be a good fit early on.


enter image description here Hecto is a newsletter advertising platform that lets you list your newsletter for free for advertisers to reach out. It has a bunch of tools to lessen the work finding and tracking advertisers can take. You can manage your available slots, chat with interested advertisers, and receive payments all through the site. No spreadsheets required.


enter image description here In addition to letting you list your available ad slots, Sponsorgap has a database of brands and the newsletters and websites they've sponsored in the past. This is great for you to find brand already advertising in your newsletter's niche and contact them directly.


enter image description here Swapstack is a marketplace for newsletter advertising that works like others but one great selling point for writers is that it doesn't take any fee. You just list your newsletter and brands and can contact you if they're interested in advertising.

That's All

If you're having a hard time finding advertisers or just tired of managing it all yourself give one of these tools a try. They're all a great way to increase the number of inbound advertiser requests by simply being listed in their directories.