Top 15 Tech Newsletters to Sponsor

By PavedNov 20, 2022

When it comes to technology newsletters, there are hundreds - if not thousands - to choose from. That’s why the team at Paved curated the best technology newsletters in niches like general news, science, programming, crypto, and beyond. Read on to find out who tops the list.

1. The Information

Hundreds of thousands of subscribers

Founded in 2013, The Information is known for its in-depth curation of stories in the tech industry. It runs 7 newsletters focused on a variety of hot topics, from cryptocurrency to Silicon Valley.

Audience profile:

  • 85% senior executives
  • 29% CEOs, presidents, and founders
  • 52% work at a company of 1000+ employees
  • 50% work in tech
  • 85% based in the US
  • 74% under the age of 45

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2. Chartr

Hundreds of thousands of subscribers This free newsletter provides data-science insights on business, tech, entertainment, and society in less than 5 minutes. All its stories are anchored by digestible infographics and easy-to-remember data insights. Chartr’s daily email helps its affluent audience understand today’s world and have smarter conversations no matter where they are.

Audience profile:

  • $175,000+ average HHI
  • 26% C-suite/SVP/VP/Director level
  • Top industries: B2B, SaaS, and finance/wealth products and services

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3. Business Insider - 10 Things in Tech

Hundreds of thousands of subscribers

10 Things in Tech—one of Insider’s top email newsletters— delivers the top news, scoops, and investigations from the tech world. Each weekday, editor Jordan Parker Erb curates the inside stories readers want to know, covering top tech companies like Microsoft to the latest artificial intelligence and robotics developments.

Audience profile:

  • Top job titles include CEO, Managing Director, Partner, Managing Partner, Business Development Manager, Board Member, CMO, COO, General Manager.

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4. TechCrunch

Hundreds of thousands of subscribers

Founded in 2005, TechCrunch is a well-known veteran in the media industry. It’s renowned for its coverage of tech and startup companies. With its newsletter The Daily Crunch, it delivers curated selections from its website to keep readers up to date.

Audience profile:

  • Primarily based in the US, India and Nigeria
  • Mostly between the ages of 25-34
  • 64% earn $100k+ per year
  • Top industries: IT and services, computer software, internet

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5. SiteProNews

Hundreds of thousands of subscribers

One of the most informative and widely read newsletters on the Web, SiteProNews, features articles from SEO, marketing, and business experts as well as the latest breaking news in technology and social media. SiteProNews delivers practical and informative content that readers trust to boost their business and online presence—from websites to tweets and podcasts.

Audience profile:

  • small business professionals
  • interests in social media, SEO functionality, social media, email marketing, content marketing, eCommerce, web design, and business software

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6. The Milk Road

Hundreds of thousands of subscribers

The Milk Road is a popular daily newsletter used by crypto enthusiasts to stay up to date on the latest developments. With a fun combo of hilarious memes and insightful news, The Milk Road’s irreverent and informative tone attracts a huge audience of professionals in tech and finance. This TLDR-style crypto news roundup appeals to a techie, professional audience in the US.

Audience profile:

  • Readers work at FTX, Y-Combinator, Uniswap, Andreessen Horowitz, Polygon, and Coinbase
  • Mostly tech and finance workers
  • Primarily located in the United States followed by Europe

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7. MacRumors

Hundreds of thousands of subscribers

MacRumors is the most popular Apple news and rumor website on the internet with millions of unique visitors and page views each month. Our site features an incredibly active forum with over 1 million members, along with over 1 million Twitter followers.

Audience profile:

  • The audience is interested in news and rumors about Apple and its products, including the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, including related apps and accessories.

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8. Fully Charged by Bloomberg

Hundreds of thousands of subscribers

Fully Charged is a must-read news roundup from Bloomberg that provides technology and updates from Silicon Valley to Wall Street and beyond. This popular weekly newsletter focuses on current events in startups and tech companies, attracting an affluent professional audience.

Audience profile:

  • 69% Male – 31% Female
  • Average Age: 44
  • Household income averages $193K

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9. Techlicious

Tens of thousands of subscribers

The Techlicious Newsletter serves the role of that techie friend you can count on to share hacks and tricks to get the most out of technology, whether that’s saving time, discovering new ways to enjoy personal interests, or keeping up with the latest tech trends.

Its audience attracts a large number of subscribers in tech companies and related PR and digital marketing firms. Previous advertisers include top e-commerce and consumer brands like Target, Samsung, and HP.

Audience profile:

  • Primarily US-based
  • Average age: 30s-40s
  • Above-average household income

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10. CertMike

Tens of thousands of subscribers

CertMike is a go-to website for cybersecurity and information security professionals seeking to advance their careers. The site’s newsletter counterpart appeals to a broad audience of information security analysts, CISOs, consultants, and decision-makers in the IT field. Typical newsletter content includes high-quality articles on cybersecurity and tips for IT certifications.

Audience profile:

  • IT professionals interested in technology, hacker news, development, and cybersecurity

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11. The Report

Tens of thousands of subscribers

The report is a free newsletter covering the latest news in business, finance, technology, and beyond. With concise and interesting stories, The Report cuts through the digital noise of the internet by sharing insights in 5 minutes or less. Most readers of The Report are professionals in media, tech, finance, and SaaS industries.

Audience profile:

  • Age range: millennials to 65+
  • 70% male/30% female
  • Interests: general news, business, technology, venture capital, and finance.

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12. Femstreet

Tens of thousands of subscribers

Femstreet is a newsletter for career-minded women in tech. It covers a variety of topics, including crypto, startups, and entrepreneurship. In addition to its free weekly newsletter, it also offers a paid plan that includes access to a private Slack network, an additional weekly briefing and bi-weekly networking sessions.

Audience profile:

  • 85% female
  • Majority based in the US
  • 79% between the ages of 24-44
  • 70% earn $100k+ per year

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13. Programming Digest

Thousands of subscribers

Programming Digest is a highly targeted weekly newsletter for software programmers, freelancers, consultants, IT professionals, and entrepreneurs. This publication keeps its programmer readers up to date on the latest news from the niche technology segment.

Audience profile:

  • Job titles: Programmers, developers, technical team leaders, CTOs
  • Top 1% of developers.

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14. Tedium: The Dull Side of the Internet

Thousands of subscribers

Tedium is a twice-weekly newsletter that focuses on the history of things that aren’t usually written about. It’s a long-form newsletter that’s been around since 2015, and it emphasizes deep dives into obscure and offbeat topics in the tech world. Its audience comprises people who enjoy an in-depth analysis of how things work, including technophiles, researchers, and engineers.

Audience profile:

  • 82.6% in the US
  • 80% at the associate level or above in their careers

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15. Bizarro Devs

1,000+ subscribers

Bizarro Devs is a curated newsletter for anyone looking for a quick tour of the weird and wonderful internet. This weekly newsletter emphasizes technology and the internet, with regular features on design, development, science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Audience profile:

  • 65% of our audience is located in English-speaking countries from Europe to Australia.
  • 35% is located in the United States of America.

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