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Recent Newsletter Reviews

Review of Radiant Living

Radiant living is such a great breath of fresh air in my inbox. The emails aren't too packed that you feel overwhelmed in the sense that you may not have time to dedicate and really absorb the wonderful content, its just right ! Mini videos, poignant questions and quotes, and her flowing mindful writing voice is a great addition to my daily inbox routine !


Review of Autodidacts

The only newsletter I never don't pay for! Always well-considered and impeccably written, unlike this review.

Chris Westover

Review of deepculture

Wonderful, thoughtful, VARIED content that I can relate to in many spheres of my life -- not only work/productivity Jaime


Review of oddlinks

Entertaining & thought-provoking! Oddlinks is one of the few newsletters I read straight through the moment it hits my inbox.


Review of Joe Procopio

His Teaching Startup paid newsletter is outstanding. Lots of value packed into every weekโ€™s issue.

Casey Winans

Review of Fidelity

As a product designer, I have to know a lot of different things to deliver a great products, e.x. typography, colors, design patterns, research and so on, but these topics are evolving almost every year, so I need to update my knowledge to fill the gaps. Thankfully to this newsletter โ€“ I can do it regularly and in no time! Definitely worth subscribing for every UI/UX and Product designers.

Alexander Olssen